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We need partners who can promote our association

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akihiko tsukahara hisami araki Japan Net Export&Import Association was established in 2010. Through Internet, we provide information on laws and tax duties for trades between Japan and the world.

We provide professional advices from our lawyers and accountants to our members who are both businesses and individuals. Also, we deliver useful information by Internet trading experts every month.

jneia logo We are experienced in Internet importing&exporting businesses, and work as consultants as well. Our wish is that more people get involved in this business with more knowledge.

It is our goal that our information will be useful to our members, and more products and services will be spread to the world.

We need partners who can promote our association.

In September the 12th, 2013, we are going to hold an information session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to seek people who can help promoting our work.

We hope that you will earn income by promoting our association through Internet.

If someone becomes a member through your promotion, you will be paid US$3 each month as long as the person remains a member.

It means that If 100 people become our members through your website or blog, you will be paid $300 each month.

  • The more people you can find, the more money you will make.
  • There is no admission fee.
  • There is absolutely no registration fee or obligation.
  • Those who attend will receive a small present.

We will email you about time and place later.




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