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Basmati Rice Exporters

Basmati is long grain rice originating from India and Pakistan. It is a very unique species of rice because it has two kinds of color. In the milling process they can produce white or brown basmati rice. As for the smell of basmati rice it has a n amazing unique smell to satisfy your meal. Many people commented that the smell is like a refreshing feeling.

Export to Europe

Exporting is a really tough business to go into. You are not dealing with people who share the same culture and language as you are and this can lead to the fall of your business. Business always depends on the person that you are selling to and that is why you need to learn the culture of each members of the European Union.

Tea Export

Tea has become the biggest export in major countries around the world. Being a healthy drink many people advise to drink tea at least once a day. It is also a great drink for relaxing and to serve our guests.

Asia Export

Exports are always different from one country to another. This is because each country has its own goods that it needs to sell. These goods come out from whatever natural resources or even manpower that the country has. Let us take for example China.

Singapore Exports

Singapore is perhaps one of the richest open countries in the world. Whenever you hear the word Singapore the thing that comes into your mind is shopping. They have the biggest malls and everybody who loves shopping will certainly love Singapore.

US Import Export

Everybody knows that the biggest country right now is the US. Because of the recent events there are now countries that have much bigger economy that U.S. but still they hold the world together. When the US went down the whole world panicked.


The United Kingdom is the biggest importer of American beers and one of the fastest growing beer imports industry. Still, Europe is one of the challenging markets for United States beers. The United Kingdom brewers don’t run for cover about their American admiration reflects that the United States beer market bears little resemblance to 30 years ago.

How to Export From India

India is a good place to start your exporting business. It is filled with culture and many wondrous things that are yours to see. India is one of the emerging countries because of their ability to speak English and their massive manpower.

US Export Regulations

Everybody knows that the biggest customer when it comes to export products is the US. Because they have a huge population and their people can afford to buy a thing or two most exporters like to focus all their investments into the US. Sadly the export business is going bad these days because on the ongoing recession.

Export of Pakistan

Pakistan main exports are cotton, knit wear, bed wear, carpets and rugs, rice, leather, fish, sports goods, fruits, and vegetables. And main export partners are United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, China, United Kingdom, and Germany.





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