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JNEIA Executive Director, Akihiko Tsukahara

akihiko tsukaharaNet export-and-import business is business with high reproducibility which can carry out a commercial transaction with people in the world using the Internet. An individual may get a side job and a floatation and a company may get sales promotion of its own goods, and a new business opportunity.
Although net export-and-import business also has the merit that it can begin comparatively easily for few funds, it is the present condition which the one where pertinent law and regulation and taxation business-related knowledge are thinner can begin in many cases.
The share of a related law or taxation business-related information thinks that a problem is scarce. These knowledge and the right information may be shared to one of the big purposes for which we established the Japanese net export-and-import association.
I will manage for the purpose of the ability to contribute to development by making net export-and-import business into healthy business.

It often came to hear fairly the word "private importation."
How is "individual export"?
There are no less than 6,900 million persons in the whole world. The Internet spreads and the border of circulation is already borderless.
The time when the business also of an individual can be dignifiedly carried out against the world came. Japanese economy is poor in the depression of these days. If there is only one personal computer, as long as it can trade the inside of the world and there is the Internet, it is also possible for it to appear, if it has "the power to sell", and for a situation to be overthrown.
There are conditions in it. Is it "right knowledge and method" and "gaining experience continuously"? I am happy that the real thrill of the net export-and-import business of selling to 6,900 million people is experienced together, and the friends who grow increase in number.


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Seminar&Study meeting

I am allowed to hold continuously the study meeting of a small number of people's net export-and-import business, the "net export-and-import EX seminar" I am allowed to hold periodically, the seminar of an overseas, etc. from interview individual consulting of man to man.





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