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As an update of the status of the Japanese exporters this year, there are a lot of Japanese exporters are a bit worried of the economy situation as of the moment because according to one of the most reliable site of business and finance, Bloomberg that the Japanese exporters experienced a yen low value and the exchange rate is falling. The Yen value is weaker compared to the value for the past years. Banks in Japan are securing to maintain a stable currency value by raising the interest rates.

Since the Yen value is quite weak many exporters are having increasing stocks. Japanese exporter’s shares in the export market are rising as the value of the United States dollar was above the level of the exporters. They losses something on Wall Street but the Nikkei stock Average was increasing for 3 percent. They've got good sales in the United States in June because of the 1.2 percent increase of the financial group. The Utility Tokyo Electric Power Co. elevated 5.6 percent after rising rapidly.

One example of the Japanese exporters’ story is this:

As we all know Japanese exports steel in whole world. And for the record, they rank Number 9 in the world as steel as steel producers. And in Japan, they rank number 2. Japanese steel exporters are worried that there will be a major producers conflict. The United Sates Steel Corp. introduced and opened one of the biggest steel traders and they suggested disconnecting the steel products from other countries. Jun Kadota general manager at the main steel unit of JFE Holdings Inc, and Mr Ryuichi Yamashita director at Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry tried to find a better idea to solve the conflict. They need to create a good innovation to get a huge demand of steel exports to other country. They are all worried because they are a Japanese exporter.

They should maintain a good market strategy to clear the trading conflict. If they will have a strong demand they will not lose money and budget. They can maintain a good profit. There are many ways to be innovative and be creatively resourceful in exporting business. Japanese exporters should focus on their goal to achieve their target. It is not easy for the exporter’s these days because the conflict and competition is just along their way. They need to think wisely in if they want to compete in the world of export.




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