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This is news from Tokyo about Japanese exports. The weaker yen help Japanese export raised the annual rate in more than a year and it set up the global demand. The status of economy will balance the market flow of supply and demands. There was welcome news for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after the unstable status of stocks to sell in Japan. They are concern about the yen value that will rise up. It is very important to keep the Japanese exports products and Japanese business owners to get a good profit of the exported products to other countries. If yen would decrease its value, it is hard for the Japanese exports to keep a good economic growth.

A survey was conducted about the development of exports since last December until this year. They calculated everything in Yen. As of this year, the Japanese exports grow 10.1 % for the month of May. The Yen value is good during this month. It was proven by the finance ministry because they prepared and presented a data analysis of the result regarding how it grows for three straight months since December 2010.

But despite of the weaker Yen, the Japanese economist believed and said that Yen's challenge will stay positive because as they are playing the weaker yen, it will help Japanese exports value by earning the stock market. The chief of economists researched about it. The reason why economy analysts in Japan are not too concerned and worried about Japanese exports recovery volume is that because they have got 4.8% a year ago. This is compared to the 5.3% drop last April and 15.8 % downfall in February.

The dollar value is also strong for a year until the end of May. The yen is decreasing its value to fight against the strong dollar. This is a good pace for some Japanese company because they will not feel any pressure.

There are improvements on the demand of the top Japanese exports market to make an analysis of their exports if it will continue to recover the trading system will increase quickly and the tension will extend beyond their expectation.




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