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Japan is one of the biggest economies in the world. Japan ranked as the third largest economy in the world. They got the highest GDP in the year 2011. They don't have a lot of natural resources but they are popular all over the world when it comes to automobile manufacturing and electronic industry. They have the great quality and standard in electronic production. When it is something made from Japan it is quite pricey because it is proven with a good value and standards. High-tech technology and updated innovation of technology. Right now China and South Korea are competing with Japan with their competitive products as well. But China has the cheapest product but the durability is low. Korea has a good title in automobile and mobile technology as well.

Japan exports decreased to 5767.60 billion JPY in May of 2013 from 5777.41 billion JPY in April 2013. In the report of Japan exports rating and status was announced by the ministry of Japan financial office. According to the financial status of Japan Exports industry the average 4051.74 billion JPY in the year 1979 until 2013 is bouncing high all the way to 7681.54 billion JPY in January of 1979. The growing technology in Japan export is impressive because it is the one that maintains the good economic growth of Japan over the years. The wide Japan export products are the following: There are 21 percent of machinery apparatus, there are 18 percent for the electronic conductors. There 12 percent for the chemicals. There are 6 percent for the export products of steel. The smallest is the 3 percent export of scientific equipment.

They have main partners in exporting. The export partners are China, United States, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria and Singapore. There is a graph chart for reference to see and check the concrete historical data of Japan exports. Countries all over the world are setting cooperation force with each other for the sake of a good production of products.

Moreover, these days the exporting industry of Japan are giving importance to small trades over the internet such as through Amazon and e-Bay, an E commerce business is a good way to export goods easily all over the world with less hassle, money and trouble. The generation is changing rapidly so market leaders and researchers are working double to beat the competitive world of economy.




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