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The Export Business

In order for a country to flourish they need to have exports. Exports make the economy of a country grow. They bring money to the country by selling the goods that is produced by the country. Countries that are rich in natural resources are usually having fruits or wood products as exports. The country then gets money from these exports in which they make it into their capital. It’s like the country is a salesman and the things that he is selling are the export products. He needs to sell them in order to get money to fund whatever he needs to do.

Their Exports

I do not need to tell you what the Japan African Exports. The Japanese have been exporting the same products throughout the world. Most Japan African Exports are electronic devices such as TV, Computers, phones and many more. The rising economy in Africa is needed to be tapped by countries worldwide and Japan is in the forefront of that. The Japanese exporters have been seeing Africa as a good place to sell their products because of the fact that people in Africa are now getting jobs and have a rising economy. Rising economy is the main factor why strong countries like Japan want to make trades with other countries.

Other Countries

What the Japan African Exports need to realize that they are not the only ones who want to tap into the rising economy of Africa. Their main competition is China which has already poured billions of dollars in Africa in order to strengthen their ties. This could be a headache for japan as they will have to aggressively compete with another strong nation. China has been known to sell cheap electronic products and machinery. With this they are able to get the attention of the people in the rising economy.


It is very hard to compete against other countries. Though your Japan African Exports might not be the same but still you need to strengthen your ties with the country and to do that you need to pour investments there. Japan is also doing that. They are now starting to pour their money to Africa in hopes to have better trade relations with them. If they have strong trade relations then their products will move easier in Africa. This is perhaps a basic technique in order to have better exports to Africa. As the years pass I think that they will have a much better relations with Africa.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are one of the main products that japan have exported. Their biggest exports are electronics such as computers and phones. In a country like Africa I think that electronic devices are a big help to the people there. It is much easier to move when you are connected with the people you need to connect. In tough situations you need to communicate with people even more. If the economy of Africa will continue to grow then surely the Japanese Exporters will tap into that source.




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