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Because a country cannot have everything they need to do some importing. Import is buying goods or service from another country. The most common things to import are apparels like shoes and clothes. There are other things to import like raw materials. Either way importation is a big way to provide the needs of your people and at the same time earn money. Importation could also make the relationship of two countries stronger because now they are so called partners. Importer gets money because they are selling their products while the exporter also gets money because he sells the goods to his countrymen.

Different Imports

Japan Africa Imports are totally different things. Why because both countries import different products. Japan imports raw materials in order to make them into many things like Electronic devices. Africa imports already made products like digital devices. So you can really tell that Japan Africa Imports are totally different. They are both the same in such case that they need to import these things. We all know that Africa is rich in minerals and that is why many countries would like to tap into that resource. Silicon for example is used in almost all electronic devices something that is abundant in Africa.

Strong Relationship

Japan Africa Imports already have a strong relationship because they need each other. Japan has invested in Africa in order to gain their trust and import all the necessary minerals like natural gas and many more. Importing is very important to both of these countries, well any country for that matter because there are goods in other countries that your countrymen need. Importation also increases the jobs and businesses that are going on in the country. I do believe that without importation a country could lose many jobs which they very much need.

Precious Minerals

Japan imports not only raw materials but other things as well like diamonds and other precious metals. The country of Africa has been blessed because they are abundant with these natural resources. Imagine what it is like for your country to have many of these. Of course the whole world still relies on oil and it is perhaps the greatest import that all countries in the world make. There is also a big amount of oil in Africa and this is also a very important asset to the country. Japan Africa Imports is very important to both countries.

Starving Country

I know that Africa is a very rich country resources wise so it still bothers me that there are a lot of people who are starving in that country. If only people could work together to fight poverty in that country then the world would be a little bit better. I guess there were people saying that it is Africa’s curse that their land was blessed with rich minerals. Although their land is rich but most people who are harvesting their resources are from other countries. There is nothing bad in that because it gives jobs but don’t you think they should be the one harvesting their own minerals and sell it to other countries?




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